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      Dear friends, hello, we are TJ MOULD, the leader in the field of high-end plastic mould manufacturing in China. Welcome to our website. Our company was founded in 1999, we have grown from scratch for nearly 20 years in the plastic mould field. TJ MOULD since its inception, we have been focused on providing users with personalized mould design and manufacturing services, which let us accompanied by the development of this industry nearly 20 years. From small-scale production, a few employees to now close to 12,000m2 modern factory, 150 employees, we always uphold the customer first, innovative business philosophy, to be the most trusted partner for customers in the plastic mould development field. We aspire to become a professional solution provider, let our new technology, new products serve the world better. Looking forward to our cooperation.


      Zhangjiagang Tianjiang  Precision Mould Co.,Ltd

      Tel: 0086-512-58435853

      Fax: 0086-512-58446607

      WhatsApp: 0086-13773299185

      Email: info@tj-mould.com

      Website: www.rrjww.cn

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